The goal of every parent is to make sure their child grows up happy. It can sometimes be difficult to balance what is best for your child with what makes them happy, but there are countless ways you can ensure your child’s happiness and give them everything they need to have a great life.

Here are 5 secrets to raising a happy child.

1) Make sure you’re happy

A child’s happiness is often linked to the happiness of their parents. Ensure that your own health is well looked-after, and you’ll be better-equipped to make your children happy.

2) Give them your full attention 

Modern life can be quite stressful, with many parents having to balance time with their children with work and their social life. However, the key to raising a happy child is to give them your full attention whenever you can.

If you take the time to truly listen to your child, you’ll find it much easier to make them happy.

3) Praise effort, not results

It can be tempting to continuously heap praise on your child for everything they accomplish, but doing this could eventually have an adverse effect on their self-esteem. Praise the effort, rather than the result, and your child will have a sense of achievement that will keep them happy even when things don’t go as planned.

4) Have a consistent sleep schedule

Children who aren’t sleeping enough are more likely to feel anxious or frustrated. To help your child get enough sleep, make sure you have a consistent sleeping schedule, as well as a peaceful sleeping environment.

5) Don’t force happiness

It’s important to realise that you can’t always force your child to be happy. Children will experience negative emotions, and dealing with these emotions develops coping skills which will help them better manage their emotions during their life. Allowing your child to experience these feelings will go a long way towards ensuring their long-term happiness.

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