As a professional daycare centre in South Auckland, the team at Koru Kids Early Learning Centre has welcomed many little ones on their very first day of daycare. This is a very important moment in a child’s life, and it is often one of the first core memories that will stay with them for life. While some first-time drop-offs can result in a few tears on both the parent’s and child’s end, there are a few ways to ease into this lifestyle transition and prepare your child for their first day of daycare.

Do Your Research

While many people tend to choose a daycare that is the closest in proximity to their home and work; you want to ensure that the daycare that you choose for your child aligns with your values. Be sure to do your research so that you feel secure in your choice and have a sense of trust in the daycare and its staff.

Practice Independence

It is completely normal for young children to be attached to their primary caregiver, but leading up to the first day of daycare, you may want to start practising some independence by allowing your child to play on their own, make small decisions, and even be left in the care of a trusted friend and family member for a day. Practising independence and separation will be helpful when it comes time for your child to spend a full day at daycare.

Don’t Surprise Your Child

Some people feel it is best not to tell their children about daycare and simply drop them off on the day. While this can work in some cases, many children may feel blindsided and abandoned by this decision. Your child understands a lot more than you know, so take the time to sit them down and speak to them about daycare.

Don’t Linger During Drop-Off

Dropping your child off should be a quick and efficient process. After a loving goodbye, it is best that you get on your way so that your child can begin adjusting to their new surroundings without you.

Are you looking for a professional and caring daycare centre in South Auckland? Here at Koru Kids Early Learning Centre in Papatoetoe, we accept children from as young as 4 months all the way through to 5 years old. Please feel free to browse our website to familiarise yourself with our values, and get in touch with our friendly team should you have any questions.