Sending your child to preschool in south Auckland can help foster their early development and learning, giving them the best start in life. Preschool is commonly known for utilising the role of play in children’s development. This blog explores the importance of play and fun activities for fostering early development in children.

Memorable learning

Play is a memorable activity. Young children’s memories are still in development, and each day they are still learning vast amounts of brand-new information. By interacting and engaging in playful activities, children can gain a better understanding of the new things they are learning. As children play their brains continue to build more pathways which create memories, helping children to better take in new information and learn from this.

Physical development

Play can assist with a range of physical development skills, including children’s motor skills. With this in mind, play provides a fantastic chance to develop their balancing, movement and hand-eye coordination skills. Bear in mind that play could also involve colouring in, building something or dressing up; all of these activities involve children using the small muscles in their hands which fosters their physical development. On top of this, play will offer children a big boost of endorphins, which will benefit their mental as well as their physical health.

Social skills

Sending your child to preschool in South Auckland will encourage them to play alongside other children. Interacting with other children is vital for a child to develop social skills. These social skills are critical for a successful life as an adult where it necessary to interact with others. If your child is deprived of interactions with other children from a young age then this could negatively impact their social interactions when they finally go to school. Through play, children can learn the value of bonding over shared interests with other children.

Here at Koru Kids Papatoetoe’s preschool in south Auckland, we believe in being more than just a daycare centre. We help form the basis of growth and adaptability in children’s lives through play learning and fun activities. Get in touch with us today.